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New Thought dating?
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New Thought Dating is a definite choice!

People love dates, especially when looking for love.

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Not finding it in Facebook?

You can lovely New Thought men and women or the buddha boy or babe of your dreams!

Blessed be the joyful smiling sharer!


* We will actively hyperlink to these resources once they are on board as part of the New Thought Network project. In the meantime just copy the link and paste it in your browser!

Want to find a wonderful New Thought Community?

Today there are many directories to choose from. First stop for us is This resource is mirrored in many different countries, has a variety of names which reflect every New Thought denomination including Metaphysical Centers, features ALL the New Thought Centers around the world.

But there are some other directories created by particular New Thought denominations & organizations which feature their members.

We provide the links below in alphabetical order*

Affiliated New Thought Network -
* url is too long to include - go to the home page, the membership list is the fourth down on the right last time we checked.
Divine Science -
DivineUnity -
We couldn't find their member list!!!!
* this is not a great site - it uses frames, the memberlist is at the bottom on the left.
Global Religious Science - - has a pdf on membership page
Home of Truth - couldn't find a member list!
Independent Religious Science - one spirit ministries - couldn't find a member list!
International Centers for Spiritual Living - formerly Religious Science International
Seicho-No-Ie -
United Centers for Spiritual Living - formerly United Churches of Religious Science
Unity Churches of Practical Christianity
Unity Village / Unity Missouri -
Universal Foundation for Better Living -
International New Thought Allianz -
- go to the bottom of the front page and click on the pdf list

* We will actively hyperlink to them once they are on board as part of the New Thought Network project and link to In the meantime just copy the link and paste it in your browser!

There are a host of wonderful resources that help New Thought Seekers and Sharers worldwide.
A divine collection of New Thought Spiritual Resources that support our movement worldwide can be toured at

Interfaith Weddings Directory of New Thought Marriage Ministers
Provides people looking for a wedding officiant to find a New Thought Minister nearby.

Powerful New Thought Journal strengthens ministries worldwide!
One of the most important things about open source is the ability to share and to connect. offers New Thought Sharers the ability to create their own online journals to support their communities and New Thought Seekers worldwide. Superior to a blog, these resources are a must for every ministry.

Amazing Divine Tao site is a delight
Divine Tao allows you to cross-reference spiritual teachings using the Tao as a convenient matrix.

This project enables New Thought Ministers, Seekers and Sharers to explore the Tao and using the congruencies link at the bottom of each Tao page to discover the teachings in other spiritual traditions which are congruent or parallel to that particular Tao or Te.

A New Thought Bible Gateway! provides New Thought Ministers with a comprehensive online library of links to great hebraic resources throughout the world wide web. provides links to Gnostic texts, censored texts and recently discovered texts available online as well as the standard "Bible Gateways".

If you use the bible in your ministry this is a valuable tool!

The Early Sponsors of NTN -
Despite having support only in the first couple of years of his project. Niel kept working for 6 more years.

Individual Sponsors
Heidy Balazsy
Connee Chandler
Rev. Maureen Christopher
Glenda Davis
Rev. Linda DeCoff
G. Joel Fotinos
Rev. Sarah Q. Hargrave
Olga Jack
Brad Jensen
Doug and Karen Jones
Rev. Pamela Kilbourne
Lyda Navas
Nancy Neal
Gloria Phillips
Rev. P. Joanna Rogers
Christina Tillotson
Revs. Audrey and Lester Turner
Jane Weaver
Martin Greg Whitney
Rev. Ruth Wilkerson

Organizational Sponsors
Affiliated New Thought Network
Celebration Center of Religious Science, Falls Church (VA)
Life Celebration Center, San Carlos (CA)
The Center for Spiritual Living, San Jose (CA)
Church for Today, Fresno (CA)
New Thought Around the World
New Thought International
Northern California United Clergy of Religious Science
Sacred Days
Religious Science Study Groups
Spiritual Mind Center of Richmond
The Unity Church of Christianity, Tulsa (OK)
United Clergy of Religious Science
Unity in Napa Valley (CA)
Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance


Let the sunshine! Noel McInnis

This site is dedicated to the amazing work of Noel Frederick McInnis who worked tirelessly for 10 years to network New Thought.

Working together for human peace Spiritual Resources
Thank you Serving
New Thought!

This wonderful set of resources is bringing about a love based revolution of consciousness!

Working together for human peace New Thought Network

Young and dynamic New Thought Leaders around the world are coming together to share and network.

Thoughtful Nutrition and Sourcing Eating Right 4 U
Diet & Nutrition

As we move through time and space, we need energy. Our choices about how we nurture our bodies, the choices we make, impacts both ourselves and the planet.

New Thought Education

New Thought Classes
How to make the best choice

The New Millennium has brought a wealth of new opportunities for us to study New Thought. We can take online classes and we can journey to the South Seas, San Diego or Sedona to experience campus life.

There are in-house denominational programs designed for people wanted to stick to a certain New Thought group and denominations

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